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24.0 07 February 2024

New Features / Added Content

  • Added domain owner transfer feature
  • Added notification webhook feature (each time a notification event occurs, event-relevant data is sent to a webhook URL, where it can be processed further)
  • Added traffic statistics for domains

Improvements / Changes

  • Improved the domain creation process by suggesting directories for the domain home directory
  • Added a new URL for accessing the database administration tool 'https://<DOMAIN>/db'
  • Enhanced the 'keyhelp_login_data' on new installations by adding access URL and IP to the database section, similar to the KeyHelp section
  • Updated the Apache error log parser (e.g. on web server protocols) to work with servers that use “remote” instead of “client” in the Apache error log
  • Improved the 'Login as this user' feature as it now preserves the administrator's theme mode regardless of what theme mode the client is using
  • Improved the user experience when switching to dark/normal mode - it now stays on the same page where it was triggered and no longer jumps back to the last main page
  • Revamped the Message of the Day (MotD) feature
    • Made MotD consistent for Debian and Ubuntu systems
    • Improved the way the MotD is generated
    • Enabled the display of IPv6 addresses
    • Made MotD script configurable (white-label, link a custom login file, decide which login URLs / IPs to display)
    • Implemented two different views, one for root SSH access and one for client SSH access (hide login file on client access)
  • Updated the ionCube Loader to version 13.0.2
  • Updated the SourceGuardian to version 14.0.2 / 14.0.3
  • Cleaned up and improved the database structure of the KeyHelp database
    • Changed charset from utf8mb3 to utf8mb4
    • Changed collation from utf8mb3_general_ci to utf8mb4_unicode_ci
    • Added relations / improved cascade design for various tables
    • Adjusted the lengths of database fields for various tables
    • As a side effect, you will now be able to use emojis in inputs fields 😉👍
  • Extended the start of anonymization for event log records from 48 hours to 14 days
  • Hardened calls to system commands (e.g. exec) to handle incorrectly set locales that could lead to non-English system responses and potential command output parser errors
  • Updated the HTTP headers KeyHelp is sending to no longer reveal the web server it is using (only for KeyHelp Web UI)
  • Improved screen space usage for screen widths between 769 - 1408px on various pages
  • Improved the wording on various pages to avoid vertical scrolling
  • Increased the width of all input pages and therefore improved visual appearances on wider screen resolutions
  • Moved the default language option out of the language configuration page table, saving horizontal space and making it easier to find
  • Added the 'Login as this user' feature to the TLS/SSL certificates page
  • Added a link from the AWStats configuration page to the data privacy page
  • Added an option to let AWStats determine visitor origin countries and hostnames instead of IPs
  • The option 'Configuration -> FTP-Server -> Allow only SSL/TLS protected connections' is now set to true by default on new installations
  • Added a note to the 'Server reboot' page when backup operations are still running
  • Added UI elements to the web server configuration page to reset web server ports settings to default
  • Updated the Apache log format section on the web server configuration page
  • Added UI elements to the web server configuration page to reset Apache log format settings to default
  • Ensured AWStats can now work with a custom Apache log format
  • Ensured the web server protocols page can now work with a custom Apache log format
  • Removed the ability to use email aliases with a different domain name than the email account address; During the update, existing aliases with a different domain became detached email forwarding accounts to the address of the email account
  • Backup system
    • Added progress status to restore operations
    • Improved CLI backup status reports
    • Improved the process handling of backup processes to be more flexible and easier to use, also fixed some minor issues
    • Improved the visibility of the provided example configurations for custom backup storages
    • When still using the old/outdated backup system, its email notifications are not issuing the status 'Warning' even on successful operations; Note, the old/outdated backup management is marked as deprecated
    • When still using the old/outdated backup system a warning notification is displayed on the KeyHelp dashboard; Note, the old/outdated backup management is marked as deprecated
    • Improved the description texts on the backup management selection page
    • Added an email notification when backup operations pile up (indicating a possible issue with the backup system)
  • Enabled logging of failed authentication attempts in SnappyMail to syslog
  • Fail2Ban
    • Implemented a jail for SnappyMail failed authentication attempts in /etc/fail2ban/jail.d/keyhelp.local (only for new installations or dist-upgrades - see /install/templates/fail2ban/jail.d/keyhelp.local for a template to update your server accordingly)
    • Implemented a jail for MariaDB (if remote access is enabled) failed authentication attempts in /etc/fail2ban/jail.d/keyhelp.local (only for new installations or dist-upgrades - see /install/templates/fail2ban/jail.d/keyhelp.local for a template to update your server accordingly; Debian 10 and Ubuntu 20 may need to update /etc/mysql/maria.conf.d/50-server.cnf and comment out the log_error = line to make this work)
    • Shortened the name all KeyHelp implemented Fail2ban jails (e.g. keyhelp-apache -> kh-apache)
    • Renamed the jail kh-proftpd to kh-ftp
    • Ensured that the required libraries 'python3-pyinotify' and 'python3-systemd' for fail2ban are installed
    • Added an alternative path to the fail2ban-client binary to the KeyHelp's sudoers configuration file
  • Debian 12 / Rspamd
    • Ensured the spam learn cronjob is enabled/disabled according to the settings made within the KeyHelp UI (when dist-upgrade was performed between 1st and 7th November, it may not be enabled)
    • Cleaned up the system for outdated / no longer needed content in /var/spool/spamassassin/
    • Cleaned up the /etc/postfix/ for outdated / no longer needed Amavis configuration directives
    • Rebuilt the directory structure within /var/lib/rspamd/ for future Rspamd extensions
    • Fixed Rspamd's case-sensitive DKIM lookups
    • Reworked the method of securing the Rspamd web interface
      • The interface is now password protected but also allows autologin when being logged into KeyHelp
      • You have to set an initial password in order to use the web interface
      • Allows a much quicker access to the web interface
      • The Rspamd service no longer needs to reboot
      • The new method is much more secure (especially in shared IP environments)
      • Removed code complexity and maintenance
      • The Rspamd web interface can now be accessed without the need to log into KeyHelp first
      • Added a note and link to the Rspamd external web interface
    • Re-enabled email address black-/whitelist for Rspamd; On dist-upgraded systems: Your old black-/whitelist settings from before the dist-upgrade are reactivated automatically in the course of the update
    • Added an option to decide whether blacklisted email addresses should be tagged as spam or rejected
  • Improved the user interface on the email server configuration page
  • Updated the way CPU information are collected
  • Hides the CPU clock speed, if it could not be correctly determined
  • Added a fallback for processors whose processor label could not be correctly determined
  • Stopped loading vendor image if CPU vendor could not be correctly determined, resulting in a cleaner look of the dashboard
  • Added convenient functions to access the processor and core labels
  • Updated headlines and descriptions for maintenance intervals to make them more uniform and easier to understand
  • Ensured 'file' is installed for new installations (used for file manager)
  • Improved the parsing of the mail queue
    • Improved speed of the mail queue parsing by a factor of up to 200
    • If an email in the queue has more than one recipient, you can now see the addresses of other recipients, not just one
    • You can see the total number of recipients an email has
    • Improved the help section of the mail queue page
    • Improved formatting of large mail queue count numbers
    • The warning threshold for numerous emails in the queue has been reduced to 200 (previously 500)
    • The warning message is now more visible and more consistent to the rest of the KeyHelp UI
    • Added an email notification that triggers when the amount of emails in the queue reaches the warning threshold
  • Improved the user experience when using the password input fields while having caps lock enabled
  • Moved the login notification checkbox from dashboard to profile settings
  • Enabled login notifications feature also for administrators
  • Added the option to specify logos for Roundcube when it runs in dark mode (Configuration -> Webmail)
  • Installed PHP extension gmp
  • Updated the white label feature
    • Added the option to specify logos for the KeyHelp user interface when KeyHelp runs in dark mode
    • Removed the custom 'Product name' option and replaced with 'Replaces occurrences of KeyHelp with the neutral Control Panel' option
    • Updated the general white label user interface
    • Updated the current 'Hidden contents' section to 'User interface settings' section
    • Updated internal names, storage locations, etc. of the elements stored within the white label settings
  • Updated the CLI badges for error/important messages to be no longer localized (by default), as this results in an inconsistent message output
  • Added option to clear a mailbox, if it is a forwarding account and consumes above 1 MB disk space
  • The disk space consumption of a forwarding mailbox is now already displayed when the mailbox consumes more than 1 MB
  • Updates the visuals on the mailbox consumption for a forwarding mailbox to save horizontal space
  • Improved the texts for DNS blacklist/whitelist labels to minimize confusion
  • Updated the notes on the user privileges settings
  • Updated the redirect target when submitting the 'Email notification -> General settings' form to be more logical
  • Improved warning message in the extended installation log
  • Improved various user interface texts and wordings in the English and German base language to be more consistent, easier to read and to comprehend
  • Improved consistency of multiple email notification texts and subject lines
  • Updated the KeyHelp cronjobs to use /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh for keyhelp, keyhelp-firewall, keyhelp-monitoring, keyhelp-rspamd-learn, and keyhelp-sa-learn
  • Updated various string structures for event log records
  • Protected the postfix email server (MTA) against email smuggling
    • Debian 10: Uses the short-term workarounds suggested by postfix
    • Debian 11: Uses the long-term fix suggested by postfix
    • Debian 12: Uses the long-term fix suggested by postfix
    • Ubuntu 20: Uses the short-term workarounds suggested by postfix
    • Ubuntu 22: Uses the short-term workarounds suggested by postfix
  • Improved database stability when performing long-running tasks (like Backups) on Systems >= Ubuntu 22 & Debian 12
  • Improved error handling on database startup errors on Systems >= Ubuntu 22 & Debian 12
  • Used 'System (root)' consistently for all occurrences where resources do not belong to a certain user, but instead belong to the system / the administrators (e.g. SSL/TLS certificates, Bulk operations, Scheduled tasks)
  • Reduced the number of translations required due to word streamlining and reassignment of strings within the .po files
  • Reduced possible confusion about which maintenance interval task belongs to which configuration page by adding additional help texts

API Changes

  • Updated the endpoints '[GET] /domains' and '[GET] /clients/{id}/resources' to now return the traffic accumulated in the current month for the corresponding domain
  • Fixed the misspelled 'aliases' and 'aliases_utf8' fields on the endpoint '/emails' - the old misspelled fields 'aliasses' and 'aliasses_utf8' are marked as deprecated and should no longer be used
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes in API documentation
  • Prevented adding email aliases with a different domain than the domain of the email account
  • Provided the API definition file now also in JSON format under /api/openapi.json
  • Increased API version to 2.8

Tool Updates

  • Roundcube 1.6.6
  • SnappyMail 2.33.0
  • Restic 0.16.3
  • Rclone 1.65.2

Vendor Library Updates

  • Font Awesome 6.5.1
  • Chart.js 4.4.1
  • Twig 3.8.0
  • CodeMirror 5.65.16
  • PHPMailer 6.9.1
  • phpseclib 2.0.46
  • TinyMCE 6.8.2
  • symfony/yaml 5.4.35
  • symfony/polyfill-php80 1.28.0
  • monolog/monolog 2.9.2


  • Updated Arabic (100%) | Thanks to Mohammed Al Shamlan
  • Updated Brazilian Portuguese (100%) | Thanks to Rogério Borba
  • Updated Catalan (100%) | Thanks to Otmar Schuster
  • Updated Dutch (100%) | Thanks to Bas Heijermans
  • Updated English (100%)
  • Updated French (100%) | Thanks to Chris Mehl
  • Updated German (100%)
  • Updated Hungarian (100%) | Thanks to Madarász László
  • Updated Italian (100%) | Thanks to Alessandro Daniele
  • Updated Norwegian (100%) | Thanks to Eirik Sikveland
  • Updated Polish (96%) | Thanks to Grafidea
  • Updated Russian (73%) | Thanks to Vladimir Alferov
  • Updated Spanish (100%) | Thanks to Otmar Schuster
  • Updated Swedish (100%) | Thanks to Marwin Gripenfrost
  • Updated Turkish (100%) | Thanks to Serkan Türkkan

Fixes / Imperfections

  • Fixed an issue where the client's theme was updated instead of the admin's when an admin logged in as a client and changed the theme mode
  • Fixed an issue where the date format of the KeyHelp database and data backup during a KeyHelp update used an incorrect date format
  • Fixed an issue when using the 'Bulk Operations -> Updating the PHP version of domains and scheduled tasks' where the default PHP version may not get listed in the 'Current PHP version' dropdown
  • Fixed an email error notification during the spam learning cronjob when no email account exists on the server
  • Fixed an issue where determining the size of the email queue on the admin dashboard could be too slow when having a large mail queue and preventing the login into KeyHelp
  • Fixed an issue where the server clock displayed visitors local time instead of the server time
  • Fixed an error on certificate management page with certificates having a duplicate CommonName property
  • Fixed some incorrect redirect targets within the KeyHelp UI where the user may have been redirected to the wrong page in case of some edge-case errors
  • Fixed issues on systems with incorrectly set locale settings and the parsing of various system commands (e.g. swap may not be correctly determined, monitoring may not work properly)
  • Fixed a PHP notice that may occur during file upload: Trying to access array offset on value of type null” in /home/keyhelp/www/keyhelp/pages/client_file_manager.php on line 450
  • Fixed a PHP deprecation warning: preg_replace(): Passing null to parameter #3 ($subject) of type array|string is deprecated in /home/keyhelp/www/keyhelp/core/pending/File.php on line 244
  • Fixed a PHP deprecated warning when creating a Dropbox backup repository: trim(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated in /home/keyhelp/www/keyhelp/core/Backup/Storage/BackupStorageConfig/BackupStorageConfigDropbox.php on line 110
  • Debian 12 / PHP 8.2 | Fixed a PHP deprecation warning: Creation of dynamic property QRencode::$cmyk is deprecated in /home/keyhelp/www/keyhelp/vendor/phpqrcode/phpqrcode.php on line 3266
  • Debian 12 / PHP 8.2 | Fixed a PHP deprecation warning: Creation of dynamic property PwnedChecker::$numberOfDataBreaches is deprecated in /home/keyhelp/www/keyhelp/core/Security/PwnedChecker.php on line 90
  • Debian 12 | Fixed that OpenDKIM was installed (OpenDKIM is not needed on Debian 12)
  • Fixed an issue where the labels of the unban button did not match the modal window texts on the Fail2ban management page
  • Fixed some issues regarding backups being stopped during execution without an error message


  • Unified PHP package list installed from the pre-installer and the main install routine
  • Removed unnecessary duplicate Dovecot configuration checks
  • Adjusted the character input limits in the input field for FTP username
  • Adjusted the character input length in the input fields for database name & database username
  • Updated Easter eggs
  • Updated code structure by updating the association of functions to their corresponding files
  • Enhanced debug capabilities when KeyHelp is installed/running with debug mode
  • Updated Debian 12 to be capable of running in full debug mode (dev-server only)
  • Updated debug panel appearance
  • Changed the CLI badge label for an important message from 'Important' to 'Attention'
  • Added more features to help designing KeyHelp's configuration pages
  • Updated method on how Roundcube custom logo will be configured
  • Updated the way the Apache default log format is handled
  • Renamed various internal components to make them universal/independent of the software installed on the server
  • Updated database tables 'mail_users' and 'mail_aliases'
    • Renamed table to 'mail_aliases' to 'mail_routing'
    • Removed unnecessary fields from 'mail_routing' ('id_user', 'id_domain') and updated code accordingly
    • Updated column structure and order within the 'mail_users' table
  • Refactorings (performance improvement, implementation of new features, use of modern language features, streamlining, increased flexibility etc.)
    • Refactored Backup restore & process handling
    • Refactored Events class
    • Refactored BasicEnum class
    • Refactored BasicStorage & its derived classes
    • Refactored FileAccess class
    • Refactored FileTypeCategory class
    • Refactored ServerEmailAliases class
    • Refactored Curl class
    • Refactored Cloudflare class
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